We represent visionaries, rebels, ambitious entrepreneurs – Anyone who believes life is meant to be lived free.

Real Freedom Inc launched in 2004 as a vision of CEO Preston Ely.

Preston had experienced extraordinary success as a full-time real estate investor, quickly becoming one of the biggest wholesalers in Tampa, Florida, and he wanted to help others experience the same success. Says Preston:

“I absolutely love to teach and help other people. I always have. It is your absolute duty in life to teach other people what you know. Always have one hand up (to your mentor) and one hand down (to your student) along the way.”

Preston launched Real Freedom Inc with the mission of “glorifying God by helping others become financially free.”

And since 2004, Real Freedom Inc has grown from a small, local subscriber list to a loyal following of over 200,000 around the globe.

Preston’s best-selling book “Flip Your Way to Financial Freedom” has sold over 22,000 copies & counting, and we’ve expanded our product suite to complete online & offline courses, software, and personal mentoring in both the real estate investing & personal growth spaces.

Real Freedom Inc continues to grow at lightning speed and has stayed obsessively loyal to Preston’s original vision of reaching millions with the message of real, practical, Christ-centered personal & financial freedom.

Real Freedom Inc is a movement. A tribe. A close-knit group of slightly crazy people on a mission to empower millions of lives to ..

  • Relax more
  • Generate massive income
  • Work less
  • Feel better
  • Look better
  • Be Healthier
  • Give more
  • Serve more .. &
  • Love more

That vision is reflected in every product we develop and every project we undertake. We only build, incubate and invest in businesses that free people in the four basic areas of personal freedom which produce personal wealth:

1. Emotion/Mental
2. Physical
3. Financial
4. Spiritual

We unleash talented visionaries’ ideas into brands. We expose their work to the masses to realize true, global impact.

We dream up and breathe life into ridiculously ambitious online platforms.

Real freedom starts inside you & works it’s way out.

It has nothing to do with real estate, get-rich-quick schemes or anything to do with money-making tips, tricks or techniques. It’s much simpler and easier than all that.

Real freedom is fulfilling your mission in life. It’s simply finding your God-given purpose and living it out. When you do that, the money problem that you’re freaking out about right now will be fixed automatically, I promise. It comes with the deal.

That’s why Real Freedom Inc is here. To enable people to experience real success .. real FREEDOM .. and all the richness of relationships, health and money that comes with it.

All while boldly undertaking a progressive, remote work culture that disrupts the traditional idea of a ‘job’.